Everyone is familiar with Pitra or one’s ancestors who have moved on to the other world. Helping them find “mukti’’ has been considered one of the highest, or rather the highest form of “punya’’. This is the reason Indians observe “Shradh’’. Bhagirathi is famous for having called upon the Revered Ganges after years of penance to relieve the ancestors of his clan from suffering and help them attain mukti. 

This unique and never before series of deep meditative sessions will enable every participant to help their ancestors become free of their baggage and ascend into the higher dimensions of light. During these sessions, they are relieved of their pain and suffering and participants get countless blessings.

The sessions, especially conducted while the Sun is still out helps free the ancestors, and along with that their energies and any other entities connected to us, our family members or our house. The meditative sessions take the participant in a state of deep peace and gratefulness.  In the words of its participants,  “their experience simply can’t be expressed in words’’ due to the deep healing that takes place in the sessions as the ancestors become mukt and rise into the light.

If one is suffering from any attachment from the loss of their loved ones or any other problems like relationship issues, financial issues, health issues, it could well be because the ancestors or their energies are still connected to the family members or stuck in this dimension. This session will bless the ancestors and in turn bless the participants.