Heal Your Womb Trauma

Heal Your Birth To Heal Your Life

  • Are you facing stress in your life?
  • You are fed up with your bad behavior and want to change yourself.
  • You have certain fears and congestion in your life which you want to get rid of.
  • Your personality has become a mess for you and you want to improve it to achieve success in your life.
  • You put tonnes of effort but your efforts are unable to take form and you always feel at a loss or inferior to others.
  • You want to win but something from inside of you prevents you from winning and hampers your growth.
  • You want to interact with others fearlessly but as soon as you start a conversation your confidence begins to shatter down and fear grips your mind.
  • You have problems expressing yourself in front of others and you are unable to express your feelings properly to others.

If you are facing such issues in your life then this therapy is just for you. All your problems can be overcome by this therapy and you can feel at ease.

What is womb healing?

Womb healing is a process of setting your consciousness back to that state which you have experienced in your mother’s womb. As a child grows inside its mother’s womb he or she is affected by various factors like if the mother is under stress, fear, or its surrounding environment they play a major role in the growth of the child both in personality but also health-wise.

If the child has experienced any trauma, fear, or any negative emotions during his growth then those traumas will affect his current life and will hamper his growth both physically and mentally. 

So this healing session is important for those who have experienced such traumas and fear in their life.

How does womb healing work?

Womb healing mainly focuses on the traumas, fear, and pain which you have suffered during your growth years.

It mainly focuses on the consciousness of your childhood and helps you find that point of conflict in your childhood that is hampering your growth and preventing you from getting to the top of your achievements.

It will help you heal your past traumas and fear and will also let you see those points in your life which are responsible for that traumas.

Why should I need womb healing?

Many people have these questions in their mind: why should I do this course or why do I need to do this course.  The answer is obviously yes. 

Most of us have faced some kind of trauma or fear during our childhood or in our mother’s womb.

We may or may not remember those traumas but they put a big impact on our personality and sometimes prevent our overall growth.

These traumas even sometimes affect our mental growth as well as physical growth which is crucial for survival in this harsh world.

What is the duration of this course?

Every person has a different level of consciousness and traumas. Some people start showing improvements from day one whereas some can take more than one day to heal and cure themselves completely.

Overall this course duration is set for three days but you are always free to do this course at your own pace. It only requires your devotion and concentration to heal yourself from your traumas and fears through this course.

What will happen in this course?

This course will guide you through your past traumas, phobias, and fears which you have faced either in your mother’s womb or during childhood.

You will be put in a deep meditation where your consciousness will be directed to your childhood state or to that point of your life where you have faced that trauma.

You will be given breathing exercises to relax and loosen yourself from the stress and tensions which you have built up.

All negative emotions which may be affecting you and blocking your path will be analyzed and will be cured eventually.

About Rajnish Mishra

Mr. Rajnish K. Mishra was born with certain spiritual gifts that are helping him in his mission and journey in spreading the awareness of spiritual science. With this aim in his heart, he founded Mind Power Research & Training Institute in 2012. He has been practicing various healing modalities for the last 25 years. His specialties are that he has done lots of research and experiments on Aura science where the tremendous result has been seen in areas related to relationships, diseases, and space clearing work in Vastu. He is an expert in Ancient Vedic Energy Science. His research work is based on Metaphysics and Quantum Physics.

What is completecure.org?

Completecure.org is a website founded by Mr. Rajnish Kumar Mishra who is also the founder of Mind Power Research & Training Institute. We at complete cure provides various services according to the nature of the clients be it issues related to spirituality, auras, space clearing, or Vastu. Our work is mainly based on deep research of metaphysics and quantum science.

Also, we provide various online courses based on mind power and energy rejuvenation for our viewers. Some of them are free of cost so that everyone can benefit from our work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for, and do I need any kind of prior womb healing experience?

The Womb Healing program is for anyone of any skill level who’s looking to enjoy the benefits of energy healing – which includes healing traumas, accelerating manifestation, and elevating any area of life.

You could be someone who’s looking to deepen your relationships with your partner, or to connect better with your friends or family. Or a professional looking to take your career to the next level and attract the abundance you’ve long desired.

The beauty of this program is that it provides you with a range of tools for virtually any situation so you can effortlessly ride the ebbs and flows of life with the full confidence that you can overcome any of life’s biggest challenges – even if you’ve never performed womb healing in your life.

Whatever your personal, professional, or spiritual goals might be: having a fully-stocked toolbox of powerful energetic tools will assist you to achieve them with far greater ease, joy, and confidence.

Do you guarantee this Quest will work for me?

Yes. Mr. Rajnish is one of the world’s leading experts in energy and past life healing. With his 25 years of experience in healing modalities, we’re confident that this is the most transformational womb healing program you’ll find anywhere. 

Can I complete the program at my own pace?

A completecure.org  program is designed to be experienced through daily micro-learning, and as a community – but it’s perfectly fine to also study the curriculum at your own pace.

 And yes, if you get busy on some days, it’s okay to pick up where you left off. What’s most important is your commitment and consistency in completing the entire process. When you enroll in any program the lessons are available to you for life. So take your time.

Do I have to do the lessons at the same time every day?

While we do believe that regularly practicing anything at the same time helps in instilling a habit, especially when you’re learning a new skill, it is not necessary. 

Although we do recommend it, we understand that life can sometimes throw you a curveball and you may not be able to do the lesson as you originally planned. 

And so it’s perfectly fine if you need to do the lessons at different times, or even miss some days and catch up later. 

What’s important is that you stay as consistent as you can, and follow the entire process from start to finish, at your own pace.