Karmic Clearance

This first of its kind programme is an advanced version of the Awakening of Naad Programme. We carry energies, emotions, memories of past incidents, whether of this life or of previous lives in our DNA, our etheric bodies and even our cells. If not released and transmuted, these energies, working on the principle of the law of attraction, attract similar incidents and emotions.

It has been seen during our research into human consciousness and while guiding seekers in their healing journey that unpleasant experiences of the past stored within the physical and etheric body tend to create more of the same thus creating a vicious cycle of similar incidents resulting in painful emotional experiences during the lifetime.

The Karmas of the past, the cycle of   “give and take’’ between souls is carried forward in the chakras as well. These energy centres, connected to various energetic dimensions of the universe, become heavy with all the stored energies of the past and such depleted and blocked Chakras start to resonate and vibrate at the frequency of whatever is stored in it. Like energy attracts like energy (this is the reason we vibe well with people with similar vibrational match), the chakras to attract similar incidents as per their vibrational frequency thus making us a slave of what is stored within us. 

The ancient Indian sages have therefore laid stress on realising the importance of human life and utilising this human incarnation of the soul to move on the path of liberation from all karmic bonds, all limiting beliefs and from all negative impressions. As soon as these negative beliefs, emotions and impressions are transformed or released and one becomes free from the trauma, painful emotions and all foreign energies, the journey of the soul on the path of becoming free and realising itself as one with the universe/god/nature etc. gets accelerated. During this journey,  transformation at an energetic level (beliefs, thought, emotions) has a dramatic impact on the physical body and in all aspects of life. Enormous healing at all levels is experienced and one can almost end the troubles, diseases and issues one faces in life or alleviate many problems.  

This program aims to accelerate the physical, mental and spiritual development of all participants. The Participants will experience life-changing powerful meditations and the mantra naad during these deep meditations will transmute and expel negative emotions and memories from within the cellular structure, the chakras and etheric bodies, thus giving space for something new and fresh. Life’s problems, diseases and issues causing pain (in other words, past karma or sanchit karma) can be cleared once and for all and the participant can experience a new lease of life to grow and experience success both materialistically and spiritually.

If you want to experience health and vitality, improve relationships, become successful in your career and reach the pinnacle of success in every sphere of your life, this first of its kind Program could be the answer to all your problems.