Learn Professional Energy Vastu


Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian practice, involves designing buildings and living spaces in harmony with natural forces and energy fields. The practice has gained popularity in recent years, with individuals seeking to create a positive environment for their well-being and success. Energy Vastu, the most scientific aspect of implemented Vastu Shastra, is focused on identifying and neutralizing the different types of Vastu Doshas without altering or demolishing the part of the building causing the vastu dosh. One person who has made a significant contribution to the development and practice of Energy Vastu is Mr. Rajnish K. Mishra.

Mr. Mishra is a well-known Vastu consultant and the founder of the Mind Power Research & Training Institute. He has been actively involved in spreading awareness about spiritual science and the benefits of Energy Vastu. Mr. Mishra’s expertise in ancient Vedic Energy Science and his research work based on metaphysics and quantum physics have been instrumental in advancing the understanding and implementation of Energy Vastu principles.

Mr. Mishra’s work is based on the belief that every object, material, and structure emits energy, and the arrangement of these elements in a space or building can either enhance or obstruct the flow of energy and even may radiate negative energies. The negative energies which are radiated due to wrong placement of building elements are hailed as Vastu Dosh. The correction of negative energy can be achieved by shifting the energies in energy form as well as neutralizing them whichever is required. Mr. Mishra’s approach of Energy Vastu has shown remarkable results in areas related to relationships, diseases, finances etc which a family faces due to the Vastu Doshas.

One of the key contributions of Mr. Mishra to the development of Energy Vastu is his emphasis on the importance of individual frequency. Mr. Mishra believes that each person has a unique frequency, and it is essential to create an environment in sync with their frequency to achieve harmony and well-being. This approach to Vastu is based on the principle that each person has their own energy field, and the arrangement of objects and materials in a space can influence their energy field and hence for every individual, needs of vastu may be different and this is what he suggests his clients and they arrange rooms and other structure best suited for their overall wellbeing.

Mr. Mishra’s work has also contributed to the development of techniques for space clearing in Energy Vastu. Space clearing involves removing negative energies from a space and creating a positive environment. Mr. Mishra’s experiments and research in Aura science have shown that negative energies can be cleared using specific yantras placed at specific points in the building or rooms as per requirements.
Overall, Mr. Rajnish K. Mishra’s contribution to the development of Energy Vastu has been significant. His expertise in ancient Vedic Energy Science, research work based on metaphysics and quantum physics, and experiments in Aura science have advanced the understanding and implementation of Energy Vastu principles. His approach to Vastu, based on individual frequency and the impact of colors and materials on the energy of a space, has made Energy Vastu an effective tool for improving the energy of our surroundings and overall quality of life.

It is important to approach Vastu Shastra and Energy Vastu practices with an open mind and seek the guidance of qualified Vastu consultants. Mr. Rajnish K. Mishra’s work has helped to demystify Vastu Shastra and Energy Vastu, showing that there exists huge impact of Vastu on the life of individual and family living in a compound. With more research and experimentation, we may gain a better understanding of the principles underlying these practices and their potential benefits for our well-being and success.