Sometimes, despite repeated efforts, prayers, meditations, reading self help books etc, our dreams remain unfulfilled. For such persons, a more advanced form of “manifest your goal’’, has been created as a new programme: “Manifest your dream through awakening of Naad’’. The only aim of this programme is to help you achieve the long lost dream of your life and reclaim your power to control and create the ideal life that you want.

Our mind emits 6 trillion signals per second. If there is a disruption in these vibrations, or if they are against the fulfillment of your dream at the subconscious level then they could be creating blockages. No matter how hard we want something consciously, if the vibrations being emitted at the subconscious level are not conducive to the dream, the dream will always elude you. Sometimes, we are born with a programming of the soul that works against the fulfillment of the dream, due to certain incidents the soul experienced in the previous life in a different body.

However, all these programmings, vibrations, though patterns, negative emotions can be healed, eradicated and brought into focus to function in a way that they support the achievement of the dream. One experiences a deep healing and release of any unwanted emotions or memories and a new found confidence and courage to achieve and fulfill one’s Dream.

The programme works on both conscious and subconscious levels and nudges one to self analyse and ask questions through powerful meditation and affirmations thus helping one skyrocket to great heights and see the dream get fulfilled in front of one’s eyes.

The programme benefited its participants achieve their goals, dreams and walk closer to achieving even the biggest dreams of their life and that too with bliss, least effort and confidence.

This unique and one of its kind programme can be accessed through a video at the convenience of your time.