Mind Power for Students Program

” let your child fly with wings of confident Potential”

Every Child has the same potential as any other. No child is born with less potential. The only difference is that they all have different expressions of their abilities. Some are good mathematicians, some are physicists while others could be good doctors, some would be better at Art, the Social Sciences or Sports or Theatre. However, research has shown that a child’s mental imprints and beliefs gained from its surroundings by the age of 6 years has a lifelong impact on the expression of its innate potential. 

Complete Cure has developed a highly specific and scientific “Mind Power Programme” for students. It is an amalgam of ancient meditative processes and the practical approach of Quantum Science for optimising and enhancing brain functions so that the inherent potential of the child expresses itself fully. The course is designed as per students and parents need in today’s times. Our aim is to ensure holistic development of the child, prepare them for growth in studies, develop positive psychology and refine their behavior to grow up as responsible and happy adults.

This is one of a kind meditation based self development program which is based on intense research into the science of brain development and human growth and science of human learning. Recent research shows that the default brain wave pattern of a child ranges from delta to beta from the time it is born to the time it turns a teenager. The research further shows the following brain wave patterns:

  • till the age of two, the brain wave is primarily Delta level (0-3,4Hz) which is akin to a deep state of samadhi. 
  • Between 2-6 years of age, the default brain wave is theta (4-7Hz) which corresponds to the state of brain of an experienced meditator and is also the state which is responsible for release of healing hormones in the body during sleep. It is believed that 85-90% of brain neuronal development takes place by this age.
  • As the child grows up and gets more caught up in the world around, the brain wave changes to Alpha (7-13,14 Hz) till about 12-13 years of age. This state is often called a superlearning state because of direct and easy access to the subconscious mind.

The program takes the child into deep levels of relaxation and calm (theta and delta level) and helps to rewire and optimize the brain’s abilities. the child is thus able to overcome distractions, remain focussed, get out of deep rooted unknown phobias and develop a balanced and pleasing personality and positive outlook towards life. In other words, the child gets self-programmed to succeed in life at an early stage.

Students have been able to overcome:

  • Weak memory 
  • Procrastination and other weakness
  • Distraction of mind
  • Poor psychology and behaviour
  • Negativity in thoughts and attitude
  • phobias towards studies/subjects or any other aspect
  • Food issues
  • Low self-belief and low self esteem

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