Naad Brahm ~ Awakening of Naad


According to the Vedas, the whole universe resides within our body or rather our body is a whole Universe in itself. The Universe is an ANAHAT Naad (unstruck sound). Similarly, our whole body has its own set of vibrations. Every organ of our body has a different vibration, frequency and has a unique sound of its own just like the Universe has the sound of “Om’’. Science of divine sound (or Mantra-naad) is central to ancient Indian mystical tradition wherein it was always believed that “naad is brahm”.

Due to traumatic and unhappy incidents, negative emotions like anger, sadness, fear etc., the vibration and inherent subtle sound of the organs gets disrupted thereby resulting in physical and mental diseases leading to problems and sufferings in life. Once these stored energies are transmuted and released, the inner sound and vibration of the cells and organs is cleansed and brought back to its original form and the body and one’s life experiences a dramatic shift towards health, happiness and success. 

This programme was held for the first time in the year 2020. It brought about miraculous changes in the lives of the participants both with respect to their physical body and their emotions and life related beliefs. The immensely sacred knowledge relating to primordial universal sounds and their effect in balancing life energies was revealed and the participants experienced a deeply transformational effect of these divine and unique primordial sounds. 

The participants experienced and witnessed disease reversal, removal of blockages from their life, improvement in relationships and an experience of bliss and peace.

All of this was achieved when the world was fighting the negative energies of the environment and the virus. It was thus a great achievement for every participant.