Neuro Scientific Healing Program

All souls carry their collective experiences, emotions and learnings from all past lives into the present life. These layers of energies around the soul (called sanskar or sanchit karma), create and determine the kind of experiences the soul is likely to have in the human form. It is the presence of these karmic layers which prevents us from experiencing the true self, the divine, the god consciousness inherent in each human being.

During this programme, Divine Cosmic Life force energies are invoked which clear the toughest forms of karmic blockages, psychic impressions, curses and vows programmed around the soul, to be experienced in the current life. As the layers around the soul get cleared and cleansed by daily practice (sadhana), one automatically experiences more joy, health, happiness and success in life. Studies have shown that such a state of joyfulness and gratitude triggers and activates the inherent healing capability in the body by stimulating the endocrine glands to release relaxing and healing hormones within the body. These healing hormones are associated with processes like age reversal and have the ability to reverse and heal any disease including cancer, diabetes, thyroid, chronic thyroid, cerebral palsy, uterine cyst etc.

In the language of life-force energy, Various diseases are considered as a representation of imbalance and disharmony which has created a state of Disturbance in EASE (DIS+EASE = disease) in the body. These energetic imbalances manifest as various kinds of blockages in the energy body (the energy body is loosely called ‘aura’ in the western world). By developing our inner potential of antardrishti (i.e. the ability to see beyond the physical limitation of the eye. Also called clairvoyance), these energy blocks can be scanned to a.) Understand the imbalance that caused them and b.) To correct the imbalance by addressing the root cause.  According to our research, our experience and intuitive knowledge gained over the years, blockages for the same diseases may be different in different people (this is often the reason why same medical treatment may have different impact in different people). These energy blocks or disharmonious energy patterns are believed to correspond to diseases manifested in the physical body. This all in one program is designed to activate the dormant healing potential of the body and mind and address the energy imbalance and the root cause of these energy imbalances. Once the energy blocks get cleared and the individual energy pattern is in harmony with the divine universal energy pattern, it is seen that enormous healing of all kinds of diseases happen spontaneously and almost miraculously. The Structure and Setup of our program is developed in such a way so as to help you break free from all forms of your energy blockages and correct all energy imbalances at various levels fo existence, finally creating a disease free and a healthy and joyful life.

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