Past Life Therapy

“Heal your past to heal your future”

  • Are you having relationship issues?
  • You want to progress in your life but always feel some kind of bondage preventing you from progressing further.
  • Something you saw and it causes a sea of emotions or fear for unknown reasons within you.
  • You have a phobia of some insect or creature and you are unable to deal with its presence.
  • An unknown pain and suffering haunts you for no reason and you are unable to deal with it.
  • You are having financial issues and you are unable to control them.

If you are among those who are experiencing these things then you need to do this course as these are the impressions of your past life that are affecting your current life.

Does Past Life Exist?

Probably many people have this question in their mind and to tell you the truth yes it exists. Even ancient mythologies have always spoken of reincarnation and rebirth and the present scientific system is studying this and has found some strong evidence on the past life and its effects on current life.

We have five bodies and whatever happens in your life is recorded by your brain through your eyes, ears, and senses 24 x 7. Every second of your life is recorded and transmitted to every cell of your body.

If we go through paralogy then we have many bodies and this memory or data of past lives is copied to them and is carried to the next cycle on that person’s death.

When that person attains a new body then this data resurface itself affecting that person’s cellular behavior and his present life.

In spiritual terms, we call this karma.

How does our past life affect our present life?

As you all know all our memories of past life are joined with our new body at the time of birth.

If there are positive emotions in your memory then it has a pleasant experience and if it has negative emotions then you may face many difficulties in your life such as

  • You can have phobia of insects, reptiles or animals if those have harmed you in your past life.
  • You have a fear of knives and sometime evening lifting or touching them will give you chills which indicate that you were harmed by them in your past life.
  • You have a pain in any part of your body and you are unable to cure it even if you have visited the best doctors.
  • Your relationship is not getting better no matter how much effort you make. Some hidden factors are hampering your relationship goals.

All these are indications from your past life which is causing troubles in your present life

Why does one need to do this course of past life healing?

  • This course is mainly for those who are dealing with the karmic effects of their previous lives and are unable to maintain a balance in their day-to-day life.
  • This course will take your consciousness to that point or event which is affecting your growth be it in relationships or in any other field.
  • Those people who want to get rid of their phobias and fear can do this course and they will be freed of all kinds of phobias they have.
  • Many obstacles and obstructions in life which are related to your past life can be cured and you will feel freedom and ease of mind.
  • This course will bring a revolutionary change in your personality, your fears,your hesitations will be gone and your personality will become more dignified.

What is the duration of this course?

This course is currently meant for a duration of three days but it depends upon your karmic factors and the level of devotion you put. Many people whose karmic factors are highly negative took many days to recover from them whereas many people whose karmic factors are at a lower state were able to fastly recover from their traumas and fears.

What will happen in this course?

You will be put in a state of meditation to that point where your problems begin to start and will be focused on eliminating those problems.

The root cause of your problem is searched from your previous life through your subconscious mind and will be rectified.

What events of your past life are related to your phobias and fear they will be checked and will be sorted out. 

All those hindrances which are related to your past life will be sorted out and you will be able to achieve progress in your life.