Sanatan Yog Healing Level 1&2

“Sanatan Yog”
Sanatan refers to the “eternal truth” or the truth since the beginning of the time and Yog means union.So Sanatan Yog refers to the union with the eternal truth which was before the existence came into being and which would remain even when this existence ceases to exist. Different languages call that eternal truth as God, Shiva, Omkar etc. The Bhagwat Geeta which is hailed as the essence of all the holy scriptures call this eternal truth as “Om Tat Sat” or “Om that is truth” In his pursuit to help every human being realize the eternal truth hidden within themselves, Shri Rajnish Kumar Mishra “Shivay” ji started Sanatan Yog and is helping people in ultimately realizing their real spiritual self not through renunciation but along with worldly materialistic gains and achievements.
As the ancient scriptures describe the body as the chariot through which the Soul as the traveler completes its journey from finite to infinite. So the very first step towards the goal of self-realization is a good chariot or a healthy body and to make people experience good health, Shri Mishra Ji came up with various meditations under the aegis of “Complete Cure” which have shown miraculous results in helping people come out from chronic and sever diseases like diabetes, recurring ovarian cyst, cataract and even cancer. Now he is empowering people to become state of the art healers through his “Sanatan Yog” program. Around the globe there are numerous established modalities for healing which are helping people in getting cured from their different physical and psychological ailments and they all are undoubtedly marvelous in their own segment. If we go deeper into the roots of all of these healing modalities we can in some or the other way find that they all have originated from India.The “Sanatan Yog” which is being brought amongst the common people for their overall wellbeing by Shri “Shivay” is an all-inclusive healing modality encompassing the crème de la crème of all the known healing modalities and goes even beyond them as it includes the execution of highest number of life force energies that is required for a given set of issue to be fixed. The life force energies that “Sanatan Yog” involves for healing are the most sacred and divine energies which a healer taps directly from the Universe after being initiated in the modality by Shri “Shivay”. Being the most sacred, divine and undoubtedly the most powerful cosmic energies known to mankind ever since the Vedic Age, the “Sanatan Yog Shakti” which heals our body, mind and soul not only has the potential to transmute disease into perfect health but it can not only dissolve karmic blockages like pitra dosha, grah dosha, deva dosha etc as if they never existed, but also relationship issues, career problems, social problems or professional difficulties gets vanisheed into thin air if executed as per the directions and guidance of Shri “Shivay”.