Weight Loss Meditation Program

“Be the best version of you in health and mind”

Have you been practicing various methods for weight loss but have failed to do so and instead have been losing your confidence and inner peace? Then our unique weight loss meditation program is just for you.

Our research has helped us in creating life enhancement tools to enable participants in removing the mental, emotional and energetic root cause of weight gain from the body as well as mind. The program enables participants to create a healthy inner environment and a sustainable lifestyle devoid of any kind of fear, phobia or unhealthy association with food. 

Excess body weight and obesity often leads to an unhealthy body. The unhealthy body affects your brain functions and disturbs your various daily life routines, work and relationships. It also leads to lack of self-love, low self-esteem and self-confidence. Do not let your weight become the demon of your life and prevent you from living life fully. 

Your optimal body weight can be achieved with the help of simple and easy processes of meditation. Since the effects are internal, they are long-lasting and the best part is: you can eat your favourite foods and still lose weight.

Contact us to know how we can help you in losing weight just by including daily quick meditation sessions in your day to day life. 

About sessions of this program

  • The program has daily sessions with your instructor
  • Live session and its Video-on-demand service ( making you practice whenever you have time)

• Rejuvenate your cellular behaviour and cellular memory for weight loss without dieting

• Release the negative vibes from Mental, emotional and at the last from physical mechanism of your body

• Refresh and Charge your D.N.A for upgradation in your life.

• Learn to resolve issues through meditation only with expertise guidance

Does it have side effects?

•No not at all,it is Completely mediation based program with the accumulation of science.

•It is a fusion of ancient Indian science with modern science.

•It will provide you the proper meditation without any interference of products and supplements.

•Your body,mind and soul will only get better and better with the proper meditation.

•This meditation program might completely eradicate your all Mental health issues such as:-

Depression, Overthinking, Anxiety, hypertension, stress, insomnia. All of this will be healed and cured through meditation. It will provide you with a calm and peaceful State of mind which will automatically lead you to weight loss and happy life

This weight loss program is not only just for weight loss but for curing your life issues, so join us and load your life with rejoice and joy

So if you are interested and want to experience this session you can join our TRIAL FREE CLASSES of 5 days. We Would love to see you in sessions.

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