Chakra Mind Rejuvenation Program

” Activating the full potential of Divine chakras”

What is unique in the Chakra Mind Rejuvenation Program?

Recent revival of subtle energy science (called “soft science” in western world) is bringing about a quiet revolution in the way we understand deeper aspects of life. The intuitive knowledge received through inner query and understanding of  human consciousness have led us to create this ultra-unique chakra mind therapy for you. Chakras are the gateway and connection of the human energy system with the universal energy system. These swirling sacred energy spirals are believed to be centres of divine intelligence which are intimately exchanging various life force energies required for well-being and good life. Impressions accumulated through various past lives, mother’s womb and as a child leave their energetic footprint (in form a blockage or an unfavourable energy pattern) on the chakra which affects its ability to provide cosmic energy needed by the body. 

The course leads the participant to work on all seven major chakras and helps cleanse and balance them thereby raising their vibrational frequency by activating the divinity in them. These major chakras represent all aspects of life from material (Mooladhar Chakra) to spiritual (Agya Chakra) to God consciousness (Sahasrar Chakra). Each Chakra is also connected with human organs and organ systems. Imbalance in the Chakra therefore reflects as disturbance in the related aspect of life. It is seen that harmonious functioning of these chakras greatly enhance physical, emotional and spiritual well-being and paves a pathway for a healed body, healed mind and a successful and satisfied life. 

What is our experience with Chakra Mind Rejuvenation Program?

From a clairvoyant perspective, it is seen that life’s sufferings have a direct linkage with blocked chakras thus signaling that they are not working as per their full potential. When they are not fully active and blocked, the physical body and its surrounding life situations are not able to grow positively and instead malfunction. Chakras have their own divine consciousness that is continuously receiving signals from universal energies. This program changes subconscious programming (stored as past imprints, limiting beliefs, deep rooted trauma etc. in the chakra) which brings changes in the signals sent to chakras, thus changing their consciousness and activating them. 

This programme will help in resolving:

  • Health issues
  • Relationship issues
  • Prolonged illness

it will help bring in:

  • Divine experiences
  • Inner peace
  • Mental & Physical Relaxation
  • Blissful meditative stage
  • Spiritual growth
  • Propel you on the journey to Self-realisation