Teacher’s Training Program

The bedrock of our Sanatan Vidya, or eternal knowledge, is predicated on total healing, which is deeply rooted in the science of energy. The potential for creating anything in life, be it health, relationships, or wealth, is well within our grasp, and we possess the capability to achieve it. Countless healing modalities exist in the world, including quantum healing, theta healing, and numerous other forms that individuals have developed. Each of these methods is like a leaf of our Sanatan Vidya and represents a form that foreign visitors have acquired from our ascetics and subsequently refined. Mr. Mishra seeks to unveil the entire breadth of Sanatan Vidya, which is profoundly robust and enables us to achieve many things. However, every branch that has sprouted from this powerful root invariably harbours some weaknesses.

Our intention is to impart this Sanatan healing knowledge and train teachers who can instruct others in the art of healing therapy. Through this teacher training program, we aim to uncover the core principles that underlie all healing modalities globally, which is none other than Sanatan. The timing of this initiative is critical since we are on the cusp of a new era, marked by the end of Kaliyug, or the age of darkness, and the dawn of a new Sanatan era.

In essence, our Sanatan Vidya is predicated on a holistic approach to healing that emphasises the interconnectivity of all things, including the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of an individual. It recognizes that all beings possess an innate capacity to heal themselves and others, which can be harnessed through the proper application of energy science. This Sanatan healing knowledge has evolved over thousands of years, and its teachings are embedded in the Indian tradition and culture.

The different healing modalities that exist today are like branches that have sprouted from the main trunk of Sanatan Vidya. While these modalities have undoubtedly helped countless individuals, they are not without their limitations. By uncovering the core principles that underlie all healing modalities, we can gain a deeper understanding of how to apply this knowledge more effectively.

The goal of our teacher training program is to equip individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to impart Sanatan healing knowledge to others. This includes learning how to identify and correct energy imbalances within the body, how to use various healing techniques, and how to cultivate a deep understanding of the interconnectivity of all things.

In conclusion, the Sanatan Vidya is a powerful system of knowledge that has the potential to transform the lives of individuals and communities. By training teachers in this system of healing, we can ensure that this knowledge is passed on to future generations and used to benefit humanity as a whole. The new Sanatan era that we are entering presents a unique opportunity to rediscover and harness the power of this ancient wisdom, and we are committed to playing our part in making this a reality.

We would like to acknowledge Mr. Mishra for his invaluable contribution to the development and dissemination of Sanatan Vidya. His theory of total healing, based on the principles of energy science and the interconnectivity of all things, represents a significant advancement in our understanding of this ancient system of knowledge.

Through his efforts to unveil the entire breadth of Sanatan Vidya and train teachers in this system of healing, Mr. Mishra has played a critical role in ensuring that this knowledge is passed on to future generations. We commend his dedication and commitment to this cause and are honored to acknowledge him for his work.

It is our hope that by continuing to build upon the foundation laid by Mr. Mishra and other pioneers in the field of Sanatan healing, we can help to unlock the full potential of this powerful system of knowledge and use it to benefit humanity as a whole.

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